Our Terms and Conditions Caters following, Please do read before you place order. This is the digital agreement between Buyer & Seller.
Shipping Policy, Customer Protection & Disputes Management, Returns/Exchange and Refund Policy, Privacy Policies
  1. You will be recieving confirmation call after you placed your order, without confirmation Makeup Shakeup do not process orders for dispatch
  2. Orders cannot be cancelled or amended after one hour of placing the order to ensure efficient processing. Additionally, no refusal can be made at the time of delivery once the order is out for delivery. Otherwise, specific clauses will apply.
  3. In the event of a cancellation, customers are requested to pay the delivery charges via online transfer only. Collection of payment at the doorstep will not be available. Our standard delivery charge is Rs.200/-. If customers fail to pay the charges or cooperate in any matter, we reserve the right to upload their details on our page under the category “FRAUD/FAKE CUSTOMER.” This clause is intended to discourage fake orders, as it poses a significant challenge for cash-on-delivery services.
  4. Refusal at doorstep will result in Auto Black List and particular customer will not be able to place order again on site untill the clearance of dues of Delivery Charges 
Shipping Policy: 
  1. The delivery time frame is 4 to 6 working days, However weather conditions and during Sale days deliveries might be delayed.
  2. Our courier services are not authorized to open parcels or show products before payment. We kindly request that customers refrain from forcing them to do so or rejecting parcels based on this matter.
  3. Our courier services are not authorized to open parcels or show products before payment. We kindly request that customers refrain from forcing them to do so or rejecting parcels based on this matter.
  4. You will receive a message from our courier service with the shipment status before delivery. To stay updated with the delivery process, please provide a contact number that is currently in use.
  5. For the tracking of your order, You will recieve a SMS from courier company with your tracking number. 
  6. Addresses of Hostels, Universities, Village areas and without house numbers are not eligible for our CASH ON DELIVERY SERVICES, Customers are required to choose Bank Transfer Payment Method for such orders. 
  7. Orders with Amount Above Rs. 15000/- are required to pay 100% or atleast 50% Advance payment to proceed the order. 
Customer Protection & Disputes Management: 
  1. If you encounter any issues with your parcel, such as damage or other concerns, please contact our Customer Services Representative on Instagram. Please refrain from using rude language or slang, as our team is committed to providing a respectful environment.
  2. To ensure your customer protection rights, please make an unboxing video of the parcel, showing the seal being opened. Claims for damaged, missing, or replaced products will only be accepted if the seal opening is visible in the video.
  3. It is mandatory to make an unpacking video and notify us of any issues within 24 hours of receiving the parcel for the proof that you have recieved the product from us. 
  4. For any issues related to the parcel, such as damaged products, please contact us on Instagram in a decent manner. Rude or abusive language will not be tolerated . Our response time is within 24 hours. 
  5. Claims for damaged products during delivery will not be accepted for items purchased during a sale, promotional, or deal period.
  6. Please note that there is no guarantee for leakage of liquid products such as makeup fixer, makeup removers, and tints or etc. 
  7. Lipsticks or any such products may be susceptible to melt & damage during delivery due to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, and therefore, no guarantee can be provided.
  8. Claims for mascaras and eyeliners will only be accepted if the customer informs us on the same day of receiving the parcel.
  9. Claims for glitters eyeshadow palettes that may disperse during delivery will not be accepted after three days. Additionally, as we deal in Chinese products, there is no guarantee for the longevity of any products.
  10. Makeupshakeup will not be held responsible for any skin allergy or harm caused by Chinese products.
  11. Please be aware that dupes and copies from China may vary slightly from our pictures. In rare cases, brushes in a set may have a different shape. If you wish to claim a refund for such a product, you will need to send it to us at your own expense. No exchanges will be provided for these cases. The refund clause will be applicable, and any issues related to the parcel must be notified within 24 hours of receipt.
  12. Do read the product discriptions for leftover products before you order them as you can surely face any defect, consistency issue, fragrance related issue, or color related issue in the product because those are rejected lots of product line. Makeup Shakeup will not exchange such product as defects and issues are already mentioned as disclaimers in product discriptions.
Returns/Exchange and Refund Policy: 
  1. Refund and Return/Exchange Policies are totally complied with above mentioned Unboxing Clause which proofs that parcel you recieved belongs to Makeup Shakeup. Without Sharing unboxing video, Makeup Shakeup team will not open any claims request for returns of refund. 
  2. Refund and Return/Exchange policies only applicable if customer recieved parcel with any Missing or Damaged product. 
  3. In case of a refund, Makeupshakeup will only refund the amount for the product; delivery charges will not be refunded. The decision for a refund will be finalized by the management based on the situation.
  4. Claim has to be put up the same day by customer of recieving product, Product has to be Returned within 3 days after recieving. 
  5. Refund claims will be processed within 15 days.
  6. Returns are only acceptable if customer did not open the product, there will be no Return or Refund for used, tested or opened product. 
  7. If a customer requests a refund and needs to return the parcel, they will be responsible for sending the product back and bearing the delivery charges.
  8. Makeup Shakeup will not refund any delivery charges or Bank Charges of Payment gateways incase of refund. 
  9. Customer will bear all the delivery charges in whole process of Exchange/Replacements. 
Privacy Policies: 
  1. Please ensure that Customer details related to their Contacts, Banking Informations and other details are safe on our website. Data gathered in terms of Emails, Contact Numbers, and IP addresses will only be used to inform you about our upcoming promotions and important annoucements along with delivery status.